Saturday, February 3, 2007

Birthday Parties and More!

First I would like to congratulate Paul Sullivan and Kathy Matlock for winning very expensive and fabulous prizes for their clever and original posts. They should at this moment be munching happily upon their cartons of Harry and David Truffles. And Laura, I love your insights on your early impressions of Peoria. I could just visualize you surrounded by the Kids with the popsicle dripping on your toes ;-)

Also thanks to Laura I would love to share a great party idea for pre-schoolers. We plagiarized her idea and had a slumber party for Jenniffer, who just turned four. Now before you think that we are just completely nuts I shall tell you that the party was over by 8:00 pm. The highlight of the evening was dancing to the tunes of The Chicken Dance, The Limbo, The Hokey Pokey and a new one by Jim Gill, The Silly Dance Contest. If you are ever looking for something to wake up the Kids from the winter doldrums this CD is great. A double bonus; you will love it too!
Here is a link:
Or stop by the office and I'll lend you mine. Just as long as you promise to give it back!

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tmiller144 said...

(Diane - I couldnt figure out a way to start a new thread on your blog.)

Here are some fun things to do where you will most likely always see a Bradley student:
The Bradley basketball games at the civic center are full of energy after last years trip to the sweet 16. Seeing all of the BU pride is fun for anyone.
Stonecountry, a bar about 20 minutes away, has country line dancing. Trying to dance is entertaining for hours!
My friend Kriston likes to go hear live music at Pizzaworks on Thursday nights. She also enjoys the food and unique atmosphere at One World Cafe on Main and University.
Also on Thursday nights Landmark bolwing has college night cosmic bowling. The bowling is cheap and the place usually fills up with students-great fun.
My roommate Rachel likes the zoo and the pawn shops down by the river.
There are just a few things from a college students perspective. I'll definately be posting more as we think of it!