Thursday, February 1, 2007

Lakeview Museum

Yesterday I picked up Jim, Jenniffer, and Payne from school and decided on a whim to take them all to Lakeview Museum. The Museum has a small childrens portion with some really cute interactive exhibits. The kids had a blast creating images of their hands, faces, and (yes), their butts on the "pin" wall. It was too funny. They also enjoyed digging for dinosaur fossils in the little simulated archeological pit. They saw 1000's of images of themselves in the kaleidoscope room and created miniature tornadoes and wind currents. Adjoining the Childrens portion of the museum is the guest exhibit of Ansel Adams Original Photography. I think Peoria was pretty priveleged to get this, and the room was as crowded as I have ever seen it. The kids got a lot of nasty looks in there though as you can imagine how hard it would be for a group of pre-schoolers to contain themselves in a fine arts exhibit. A few tense moments and I was out of there. I made a mental note to go back though because the work was fascinating and it was pretty awesome that you were looking at his ORIGINAL works going back 30 years or so. The only downside of the trip was that one of the museum "guards" (and let me tell you she took the role seriously) followed us around with a plastered smile attached to her face vigilantly watching for one of the kids to overstep their bounds. Made us all a little uncomfortable. Understandable for the Ansel Adams exhibit but completely uncalled for on the childrens side. I'd give it an 8 on a scale of 1 - 10.


kathymat said...

For a FREE visit to the Lakeview Museum, stop by the Lakeview Public Library first. You can check out a pass to the museum. This pass works for your family and can be checked out once per year!

Diane Vespa said...

Hey Kathy,
Good to know. I think that Tuesdays are free days... they just don't publish that. Check before you go though if that is important to you.
PS. You won a fabulous prize!!

John P. Vespa said...

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