Thursday, February 1, 2007

Welcome, and thank you for joining me.


As a Mom of 2 young pre-schoolers, I have often found myself getting up in the morning and wondering what we were going to do all day that wasn't just the same old hum-drum routine. This seems particularly challenging during the long winter months. I mean, how many times per week do you really want to go to the Mall?

Now that I am back to work as a Broker-Associate at RE/MAX, I decided it was a good time to try to do something about this ongoing dilemna, so voila, the creation of this blog!

My goal is to find fellowship among fellow Peoria-area families that are perpetually seeking exciting, stimulating, and educational opportunities to share as a family, a couple, or for that oh-so-rare "me" time, and stay within a days driving distance of Greater Peoria.

Please visit often and post when you can. If you had a great experience at a restaurant, a shop, an event, a park, a venue, (you get the drift) please share the wealth. Tips and suggestions to enhance the experience are always welcome and helpful. Likewise, what NOT to do. We promise not to tease (at least not mercilessly);-) The more families that come aboard to participate the more helpful it will be for all.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and blog, and I look forward to a robust exchange of ideas that will undoubtedly enhance the quality of our life here in Peoria!



Paul Sullivan said...

Diane - since you're getting back into the active real estate market again, I believe you need a marketing theme to promote not only Peoria, but yourself too. To make it unique, this Irishman has penned a quick limerick for you to use --

Peoria is such a great place
everything’s at such a slow pace
If you’re considering a move
It won’t take much to prove
We’ve escaped the big city rat race

As far as what things to do
We have a really nice zoo
We have Lakeview Museum
Rock Island trail to get slim
and downtown you can make your own brew

You can live in the house of your dreams
without prices that go to extremes
There's lots of places to shop
Have a beer at the friendly Tip-Top
or support our local sports teams

So give a call to Diane
and put together your plan
She’ll track down the leads
That will meet all your needs
You just pack up the ole moving van

Diane Vespa said...

Paul, I just KNEW I could expect something great from you! You, too, win a FABULOUS and very expensive prize.

Thank you for your creative and very "Paul-ish" contribution!


Laura said...

What can I say about Peoria life after living in DC, Chapel Hill NC, Richmond, VA, Orlando and Atlanta (before kids) and Dallas and Columbus, GA (after kids)? Well, first of all, I have always been an Autumn girl, but alot has changed since saying goodbye to my beloved South. I am a Spring girl now-there are the most beautiful springs here that I have ever seen in my life. I wanted Peonies (my all time favorite flower) in my bride's bouquet to which my florist responded w/laughter "for a Georgia garden wedding in May? No way!" Peoria boasts the biggest most magnificent Peonies that I have ever seen in a lifetime of admiration of the big, robust flower. I was simply awed by them, so much so that I sometimes stop my car for a closer look. I truly "understand" spring now--the vibrancy of life contrasted by the stark gray winter. Did I mention the winters are cold here? I first moved here from TX, and we simply didn't have the gear, or thick blood, to cope. I won't pretend it was an easy first winter as a new Peorian and a new Mom (we moved here in January). Just a few weeks ago, I read a celebration of winter (an editorial) that really helped me reconsider. Yes, it's true, our constant flurry of outdoor activity has almost come to a halt...and I mourn the loss of long, lazy afternoons by the swingset or pool, popsicles dripping on my bare legs and feet, lazily watching the little tanned arms and legs pumping as they run and swing and swim and bikes. But, I've come to appreciate our winter days.. we play board games, bake cakes and cookies using LOTS of icing and sprinkles, watch movies, do more art projects than you can shake a stick at. We go to the library and then come home and read books in a sunny window at a time of year that sunshine feels like heaven. Most days end w/all of us gathered by the fire, watching America's Funniest Home Videos. I talk to my sister in Atlanta almost daily. Her kids are also pre-school and elementary school aged as mine are. She talks about her difficulties in raising children in her warm, sunny Atlanta--overcrowding in every shape and form-long wait lists (and sometimes ridiculous costs) for doctors and schools and activities. The wonderful summer camp my son loves at the Peoria Zoo is under $50, theirs is in the $100's. She camps overnight to assure her daughter a spot in their favorite pre-school. I walk in and out w/in 15 min. to sign up mine. So, this Peoria life is starting to fit. I love the hardiness of the Midwest and it's people, I love the strong family values. I am thankful every day for the wonderful education my children are getting here (Lakeview, Northminster Preschool and Mossville Elementary). We had the best santa experience ever this year at the Chillicothe Library-not the commercial santa experience of the mall. Mrs. Claus read stories and Santa talked and visited w/the children (whom had been encouraged to bring their lists along to read to him), there was cocoa and cookies. I love the quality and availability of lessons here-we've done ice skating (Owens Center), Soccer (Park District), Ballet (Peoria Ballet) and Gymnastics (Jump Start)-all have been first rate experiences. I love that there is something affordable and accessible for us to do any day that we choose (our stand-by's the zoo ((which is open year round and has plenty to view indoors), Riverplex or Lakeview pool, Safety Town, CAT playground, Rainbow play area, North Trail Park, Dettweiler Park, Grandview Park). I love the support I find at my MOPS group here. I love the work I do w/the Jr. League of Peoria. I think I'm getting kind of spoiled here.