Friday, March 2, 2007

12 Signs it's time to move

Diane, Here are a few tips for your clients

12 Signs it may be time to Move!

12. When your neighbor plays his Barry Manilow CD… your windows rattle

11. When every time someone walks across the floor… you have to hold your drinks so they won’t spill

10. When you know the critters that run when the lights go on…by name

9. When your neighbor buys sheep… just so they don’t have to mow

8. When your land lord offers to provide the down payment for a house

7. When you start to wonder if they make bunk beds…3 high

6. When every time someone rings the door bell… the lights dim

5. When your garage is bigger than the house…(with exceptions.)

4. When you unlock the front door…the key knocks out your back window

3. When you have more junk… than places to walk.

2. When you keep a floatation device in the basement…for the next time.

1. When your land lord and the in-laws are the same people.

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