Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Boat Drunks - impressions of an amateur critic

The Boat Drunks, A Jimmy Buffett Tribute band played last night at the Packard Plaza to a sell out crowd. The Packard seemed to have trouble managing the crowd at first because even though the doors were to open at 7:00, people were still outside in the rain until at least 7:45. Once inside, it was pretty pleasant, although they ran out of limes for the Corona, a cardinal sin, and they didn't sink them in the ice long enough. Ideally, Corona's should be served from a slush machine. The Boat Drunks were great. but admittedly, we are all so cabin-crazed Donald Duck would have sounded OK. The crowd was a typical Buffett crowd, with the median age being around 50. That doesn't sound so bad until you realize that if the median age was 50 ....catch my drift? I think a few courtesy shuttles from the nursing homes were parked out front. Haha.. please don't be offended... we are all just a few steps away from the same. To sum up.. great time! Colder beer and shorter lines next time around. Any time you can catch a concert by the Boat Drunks its a guaranteed good time. You can follow them on their website:

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