Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Movie Review: The Holiday

Talk about a chick-flick. This ones a doosie. Jude Law ordinarily doesn't do much for me, but it sure is easy to get lost in him on this one. And Cameron Diaz is so adorable. What was JT thinking? She is a pefect example of aging gracefully. Then of course, Kate Winslet. It would be impossible to just not LOVE her in everything. But then out of the blue comes Jack Black. Hmmm, Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet... Jack BLack. OK, someone either owed someone a favor or lost a bet on that one. The plot is quite simple, 2 women switching homes and lives in order to escape their own reality, and oh what a surprise, find the loves of their lives. The settings are cozy, the plot is light and fun, and lots of "feel good" moments like when Kate Winslet befriends a lonely older gentleman. You'll be tempted to buy the soundtrack just for the vintage Christmas hits. Gather your girlfriends around, spike some hot chocolate, and prepare to drool over Jude Law!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Diane, I just watched it too! Actually Jack Black's character was my favorite of the four! I thought he and Kate Winslet made a "cute" couple. But the best was the relationship of Kate's character and the retired Hollywood writer! How sweet was that? (you can tell it's been a couple of days since I saw it and I've completely blanked out on the names of the characters!)

Now, if I could just get through Babel before Blockbuster automatically charges my credit card! Mary