Thursday, March 1, 2007

Where's My Daddy?

OK, I am NOT the father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter. But I agree, it is pretty addicting for those of us that do not have much drama in our lives!

Singles in Peoria: Tell us where you hang out & what you do to meet new people!

Ciao! Katie

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Diane Vespa said...

Hi Katie,
Next Friday night at the Packard Plaza, The "Boat Drunks", a Jimmy Buffett Tribute band is playing at the Packard Plaze. I'm going with one of my single friends, Tamara. Look for us there.. she's the one that looks like a dumb blond. Don't worry I tell that to her face ;-). Tix are being sold at One World Cafe which is on the corner of Main and University. They are only like $8 bucks a piece but this band is fabulous. I'll try to get Tamara to post on other "singles" places. A few weeks ago we did the bars in the Heights and I got the feeling that if you wanted to "meet" someone that would be the place. Thanks for posting. Good question.