Monday, April 16, 2007

Random acts of Clydesdales

Imagine taking a quick trip to the breadstore and being delayed by the Team of 8 Budweiser Clydesdales crossing the road. That's what happened to a few surprised Peoria Citizens as the Bud Wagon decked out in full regalia made a surprise appearance at the Family Fun Fair Fundraiser to benefit the Peoria Center for Prevention of Abuse this past Sunday. I literally had chills up my spine watching those magnificent animals being unloaded from the 4 semi-trucks that housed them. A few turns about the parking lots and then they parked in front of the Budweiser Distributorship located on Industrial Lane in Peoria. To add to the revelry the Campaign to elect Councilman George Jacob invited all the passer-bys in to enjoy Brats, hamburgers and all the fixings. And lest not I forget a lovely sampling of the Budweiser Products. Hmmm... let me think, free food, beer and fun. Yup, George Jacob definately gets our vote!

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