Thursday, May 31, 2007

Crime wave hits the area

AP: Peoria Police Department has reported a kidnapping for ransom involving Nickelodeans beloved Dora the Explorer. The kidnapping of Dora is just the latest incident in a crime wave that has gripped the entire Nickelodean community. Earlier this week citizen journalist Peoriaillinoisan reported the mysterious death of Spongebob Squarepants. Peoria police chief Settingsgard comments "This has got to end, please NOT DORA.. she was such a doll". If anyone has any information regarding this crime, please contact PBS television immediately.

Monday, May 28, 2007

and you thought your life sucked...

Catching up on the weekends news I couldn't help but read this little snippet of an article in Saturday's Journal Star. The AP reports that at the Brookfield Zoo cicadas are a lot more than just really noisy insects: They're delicious. Tim Sullivan, the Zoo's manager said since the cicadas started coming out of the ground in big numbers the last few days, animals all over the zoo have been seen eating them, often as soon as the cicadas emerge. The only losers are the cicadas themselves. But Sullivan suggested that if they have to go - and they are going to die in about 30 days even if they do avoid being eaten - a zoo is as good a place as any. "Getting eaten by exotic animals is a better way to go than being eaten by a squirrel or a crow," he said. Whew, I feel better!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The perfect storm...

I had the bright idea of buying the kids those Super soaker squirt guns during my last trip to the "Mall of America", otherwise known as Target. Saturday morning seemed to be a nice morning to test them out.. so I proceeded to vacuum out the mini-van while the kids ran around with their super soakers. As I am happily vacuuming up the goo from the back seat of the van, I noticed way across the floor a gaggle of cookie crumbs from yesterdays forage. It looks like I can reach it from where I'm at...I lean over... I stretch.... and stretch.. the Kids are suddenly strangely quiet. At that moment I sensed my predicament. Bent over in my least flattering summer shorts tenuously unstable at best and FWAP! Nailed right in the *ss with a super soaker. Its not the kids fault. I'm sure it was an irrestible target. Their hysterical laughter did little to soothe my humiliation.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Gotta have me some of that...

On Thursday the kids and I got a yen for the foodcarts downtown so headed to the courthouse square. Lo and behold, there were my favorite BBQ little ladies offering up their annual Teriyaki chicken, rice, and greenbeans. These green beans are so good the kids think they are french fries. The ladies recognize us now and always give us an extra heaping helping. Five bucks feeds all three of us with some to spare. A trifecta of cheap, healthy and good food! Their cart is immediately across from the Apollo Theatre and I think they are Korean. A bonus is that often you will be treated with a youth band or choral performance. Just a nice way to spend an afternoon with your Kids!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

World War I and II Memorial Dedication this Saturday!

Peoria County: News World War I and II Memorial Complete! On Saturday, May 26, the World War I & II Veterans Memorial Committee will host a Dedication Ceremony in the Peoria County Courthouse Plaza at 10:00 a.m. to celebrate completion of the long-awaited Memorial. The Memorial will be dedicated to all Peoria County veterans who served during World Wars I & II; those who lost their lives during the Wars; and those who supported the War efforts from home. Peoria County Board Chairman William R. Prather will accept the dedication on behalf of the citizens and veterans of Peoria County.

During the ceremony, Representative Ray LaHood will introduce Special Guest Speaker General Wayne A. Downing of the United State Army, Retired. United States Senator Richard J. Durbin will offer additional comments, followed by Prather's acceptance of the Memorial from Robert H. Michel, Honorary Chairman of the Memorial Committee, and Colonel Hal Fritz, U.S. Army (Retired) and Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. R. Steven Sonnemaker, Memorial Committee General Chairman and Peoria County Clerk, will conclude the ceremony with closing remarks.

Since 1999, it has been the mission of the World War I & II Veterans Memorial Committee to raise necessary funds, establish requirements for design, and oversee construction of a fitting Memorial to honor the more than 28,000 Peoria County veterans who served in the U.S. Armed Forces during World Wars I & II and the 873 who never returned. The completed Memorial stands 26' high and weighs approximately 67 tons. Black Standard Granite, quarried in Zimbabwe, is the base of the monument, which supports three columns of Honor White Granite quarried in North Carolina. The granite was manufactured by Tecstone Granite of Ohio. For more information on the Memorial or its Dedication, call R. Steven Sonnemaker at (309) 672-6059.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Louie Louie Parade....

This Friday, downtown, at 3:30. Proceeds benefit the St. Jude's Childrens Hospital. Begins at the Peoria Civic Center and moves toward the river, with a fun party on the riverfront afterwards. Kind of a silly event but lots of fun. Look for me with the RE/MAX Group!

Just found unmoderated comments...

I apologize to anyone who has commented on my blog only to not see them published. I promise that I have not been censoring. For some reason the e-mail notifications from blogger are not being sent. In any event, all comments have now been published. I publish everything.. even if people disagree with a post, unless they are abusive or profane. Fortunately, that happens rarely. I think in general the Peoria blogging community is very polite and civilized and one which I am proud to be part of.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Tagged... why I blog. Check list below.. you just might be tagged too!

As I sit here bleary eyed in front of my puter I imagine how cozy it would be to pour a glass of wine and watch re-runs of Sex and the City. But, no, not to be. Once again I sit, pounding out rambling erratic thoughts in to the Twilight zone of Blog-dom. What is up with that anyway? Since being tagged by Kevin, it is time to examine the inner workings of my transmitting nuerons and attempt to define just why one would participate in this addictive and somewhat nuerotic activity. 5 reasons, listed below, in random order.
1. I fantasize that someone might actually care enough to read my posts.
2. I enjoy the camaraderie, the community, and social networking.
3. It helps me validate my thoughts and sort out confusing and conflicting issues.
4. It helps me work through the frustrations of everyday life.
5. Makes me laugh. I realize that I am often the only one laughing at my lame jokes, but it is still enjoyable just the same.
6. OK heres an extra... as hobbies go, its cheap, doesn't make you fat, take up closet space, or give you skin cancer.

Now, the fun part. I tag
1. Anon E. Mouse - I'm sure he will be welcome to post on the blog of his choice.
2. Jennifer - Keep passing the open window
3. Vonster
4 Peoria Pundit
5. peoriaillinoisan
Forgive me if you have already been tagged.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Note to the lady who stole the Precious Moments from my garage sale...

I have another one that I will give you.. its entitled "Thou shalt not steal". Hope every time you look at it it reminds you of what a loser you are. Have a nice day ;-)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

60 Minutes - debunked.

Under all is the land. Sounds simple enough.. but a very powerful statement. It is the preamble to the Realtor Code of Ethics. Land. Its right up there with oxygen, nutrition and hydration. After all, we have to live somewhere don't we? I would imagine there are some happy homeless people but have you ever met one? What the heck is in my craw now you may ask. It is the assault on Realtors and professional real estate representation. "Sixty minutes" latest hit piece last Sunday targets the Professional Realtor. Realtors are going the way of the dinosaurs, the video stores, retail book stores and travel agents, they claim. The role of the Realtor will soon dwindle to nothing, and be replaced by on-line transactions. Now we all know that 60 minutes is not known for their fair and unbiased approach to a topic. Dan Rather might disagree, but he isn't around anymore. The Sixty Minutes "News" team grabs hold of a subject just like a pitbull, and doesn't let go, completely oblivious to outside influence. Representatives from the National Association of Realtors colluded with 60 Minutes for over a year while this hit piece was underway. Unfortunately, the NAR position did not conform with the purpose-driven agenda of CBS, and no statements from NAR officials aired.

Leslie Stahl, the correspondant, was just appalled that Realtors charge on the average 6% of the homes sales price. (No mention of her income, by the way). Outrageous, they proclaimed. But had they presented a fair and balanced approach they would have also reported that Realtors, by virtue of the fact they are trained professionals, more often net the Seller far more than they would have netted without representation. Sixty Minutes failed to mention the duties, risks and responsibilities the Realtor undertakes to protect their sellers from future liability and inappropriate pricing.

Furthermore, comparing the sale of real estate to the sale of videos and vacations is idiocy. Last week, one of my Netflix DVD selections arrived and it didn't work. You know what happened? I went to Blockbuster and got another one. And one time I booked an international flight on-line and realized too late that the name I used to book the flight didn't match my passport. You know what happened? I re-booked it at a cost of an additional $99.00. Oh, and how about the time I ordered a book through and when it arrived there was a huge tear in the cover and it took me over a month to process a refund. Bottom line: there are a lot of people out there who won't trust the internet on a big, life-changing purchase. Small stuff? Perhaps. To further this point google "Paypal problems". Paypal is the largest on-line banking institution with billions of dollars of assetts worldwide.

I have been selling homes for nearly twenty years now. Not a day goes by that I don't learn something new and significant. Title issues, financing, surveys, emotions, environmental concerns, legal and liability issues all play a pivotal role in what we deal with as professionals everyday. Realtors are extensively trained in all of these areas in an effort to reduce the practically limitless exposure to harm and liability that is inherant in every real estate transaction. The inexperienced and unrepresented seller is in a perilous position on the learning curve. Not only in terms of potential lost profits but in risks that might not be realized until years later.

Still so sure that selling your own home is a piece of cake? What do I hear? Ah, your doorbell is ringing. A stranger wants to see your house. He has a gang symbol on. Should you let him in? What if he is a minority with a gang symbol? Do you still have to let him in? Make sure you don't violate any fair housing laws as you are making your decision and good luck.

I've gotta close. Gotta keep my appointment for an on-line tooth extraction.

Friday, May 11, 2007

It's time for some street justice...

Todays Journal Star reports of a situation developing in Creve Coeur where a woman harbors 5 pitbulls that are terrorizing the neighborhood. The most recent event being two of the dogs tearing to shreds a little girls puppy. Village police chief Mike Button officially declared them vicious dogs and had them siezed yesterday. He further comments if police receive three more calls of Shafer's other three dogs running loose, or if they attack, he will remove them as well. This being a desperate situation I believe it calls for desperate measures so I would propose the following. Since the dogs have to attack three more times before anything can be done, the neighbors should take a collective poll and round up the three least remarkable children. Those children will need to be sacrificed to protect the rest of them. Sounds harsh, I know, but if three children have to be mauled before anything can be done shouldn't they at least be the children that are the most disposable?. Hopefully by now the reader realizes I am being quite "tounge in cheek" to prove a point, but seriously, how outrageous is this state of affairs? If Button truly cannot employ a legal remedy to protect these poor parents and their young children then I think its time for the people to take matters in to their own hands and deliver some tainted steaks. And I don't mean to the dogs.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Dancing to West Macqueen st. in N'awlins

Decorated and built to look like Bourban Street, I sensed we were on the verge of a very fun evening upon entering Po'Boys on Dries Lane next to the Bingo hall. The ceilings were dark and high which gave the patron a sense of being outside and faux windows were decorated New Orleans style. We were there to watch one of our favorite local bands - West Macqueen Street. With two pre-schoolers at home and both of us working, we only get out a few times a year. Suffice it to say, when I get out I am ready to drink. I could tell the waiter didn't share my philosophy. So after realizing I would need to belly on up to the bar for my own drinks, I succeeded in going on to enjoy the evening. Mind you, I don't mind bellying on up to the bar.. just tell me that up front! The food was outstanding. I ordered the BBQ shrimp as an appetizer which came with rice, a spicy sauce and french bread. I just couldn't get enough of sopping up all that oozing gooey spicey sauce and sucking it down with bread. Yum! West Macqueen Street is consistantly phenomenal, and band leader Rick Simpkins has all the moves down. The sound, the strut.. just a pleasure to watch. The band does a great job interacting with the audience and you just never know who will get pulled up on stage. In a nut shell... next time I'll take a Lexipro before I go to tolerate the service and then go on to have a wonderful evening.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Spider Man III - Can't wait to see it!

So Spidey Man 3 debutes tonight! Word on the street is that teenagers are seeing it at midnight. I'm not really one to have any interest in violent movies but something about these Spidey Series are really addicting! It could be the bumbling charm of Tobey Maguire, or perhaps the sultry innocence of Dunst. Not sure, but our whole family is hooked. I'm rather conflicted, because my pre-schoolers are determined to see it. Hopefully DCFS doesn't read my blog as I disclose that both of my Kids have seen Spidey I and II. Would that be illegal? I hear III is the most violent ever. Oh what's a Mom to do?