Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Dancing to West Macqueen st. in N'awlins

Decorated and built to look like Bourban Street, I sensed we were on the verge of a very fun evening upon entering Po'Boys on Dries Lane next to the Bingo hall. The ceilings were dark and high which gave the patron a sense of being outside and faux windows were decorated New Orleans style. We were there to watch one of our favorite local bands - West Macqueen Street. With two pre-schoolers at home and both of us working, we only get out a few times a year. Suffice it to say, when I get out I am ready to drink. I could tell the waiter didn't share my philosophy. So after realizing I would need to belly on up to the bar for my own drinks, I succeeded in going on to enjoy the evening. Mind you, I don't mind bellying on up to the bar.. just tell me that up front! The food was outstanding. I ordered the BBQ shrimp as an appetizer which came with rice, a spicy sauce and french bread. I just couldn't get enough of sopping up all that oozing gooey spicey sauce and sucking it down with bread. Yum! West Macqueen Street is consistantly phenomenal, and band leader Rick Simpkins has all the moves down. The sound, the strut.. just a pleasure to watch. The band does a great job interacting with the audience and you just never know who will get pulled up on stage. In a nut shell... next time I'll take a Lexipro before I go to tolerate the service and then go on to have a wonderful evening.


Jennifer said...

Second mention of Po'boys I've seen this week.
My husband and I actually went there last Saturday night, while the kids were seeing spider man 3. It was early and there weren't too many customers. Hopefully they picked up later on. I had the crab cakes and really liked them. My husband's recent high cholesterol test inspired him to order a chicken salad. He said it was "okay" but was probably rueing not being able to order anything, you know, "good." (as in bad for his cholesterol)

SP said...

Rick Simkins - that's a blast from the past. He was my gym teacher in junior high. I think the band he had back then (maybe named 'Juice') played at one of our dances. Do you remember those junior high dances? Where maybe two couples danced and the girls were always a foot taller than the boys?

Diane Vespa said...

I just remember hoping that my date wouldn't try to kiss me because I thought it was really GROSS!