Friday, May 11, 2007

It's time for some street justice...

Todays Journal Star reports of a situation developing in Creve Coeur where a woman harbors 5 pitbulls that are terrorizing the neighborhood. The most recent event being two of the dogs tearing to shreds a little girls puppy. Village police chief Mike Button officially declared them vicious dogs and had them siezed yesterday. He further comments if police receive three more calls of Shafer's other three dogs running loose, or if they attack, he will remove them as well. This being a desperate situation I believe it calls for desperate measures so I would propose the following. Since the dogs have to attack three more times before anything can be done, the neighbors should take a collective poll and round up the three least remarkable children. Those children will need to be sacrificed to protect the rest of them. Sounds harsh, I know, but if three children have to be mauled before anything can be done shouldn't they at least be the children that are the most disposable?. Hopefully by now the reader realizes I am being quite "tounge in cheek" to prove a point, but seriously, how outrageous is this state of affairs? If Button truly cannot employ a legal remedy to protect these poor parents and their young children then I think its time for the people to take matters in to their own hands and deliver some tainted steaks. And I don't mean to the dogs.


Timothy Carter said...

Hah! Nicely said. It's too bad there aren't any people willing to sacrifice their ugly kids these days ;).

It's a shame - I've actually met some really friendly pitbulls. The owner should take some kind of responsibility. Dogs are just dogs that want love and attention and food until someone trains them to attack.

Jennifer said...

I'd keep the ugly ones but I'd get rid of the ones that walk into my house and open my refrigerator. (Just joking, of course).
It does seem crazy that with the history of this woman and her dogs that something can't be done.