Saturday, May 26, 2007

The perfect storm...

I had the bright idea of buying the kids those Super soaker squirt guns during my last trip to the "Mall of America", otherwise known as Target. Saturday morning seemed to be a nice morning to test them out.. so I proceeded to vacuum out the mini-van while the kids ran around with their super soakers. As I am happily vacuuming up the goo from the back seat of the van, I noticed way across the floor a gaggle of cookie crumbs from yesterdays forage. It looks like I can reach it from where I'm at...I lean over... I stretch.... and stretch.. the Kids are suddenly strangely quiet. At that moment I sensed my predicament. Bent over in my least flattering summer shorts tenuously unstable at best and FWAP! Nailed right in the *ss with a super soaker. Its not the kids fault. I'm sure it was an irrestible target. Their hysterical laughter did little to soothe my humiliation.

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