Monday, May 21, 2007

Tagged... why I blog. Check list below.. you just might be tagged too!

As I sit here bleary eyed in front of my puter I imagine how cozy it would be to pour a glass of wine and watch re-runs of Sex and the City. But, no, not to be. Once again I sit, pounding out rambling erratic thoughts in to the Twilight zone of Blog-dom. What is up with that anyway? Since being tagged by Kevin, it is time to examine the inner workings of my transmitting nuerons and attempt to define just why one would participate in this addictive and somewhat nuerotic activity. 5 reasons, listed below, in random order.
1. I fantasize that someone might actually care enough to read my posts.
2. I enjoy the camaraderie, the community, and social networking.
3. It helps me validate my thoughts and sort out confusing and conflicting issues.
4. It helps me work through the frustrations of everyday life.
5. Makes me laugh. I realize that I am often the only one laughing at my lame jokes, but it is still enjoyable just the same.
6. OK heres an extra... as hobbies go, its cheap, doesn't make you fat, take up closet space, or give you skin cancer.

Now, the fun part. I tag
1. Anon E. Mouse - I'm sure he will be welcome to post on the blog of his choice.
2. Jennifer - Keep passing the open window
3. Vonster
4 Peoria Pundit
5. peoriaillinoisan
Forgive me if you have already been tagged.

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