Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Be Nice Peoria project!

The forums are hot on a debate as to what ordinary citizens of Peoria can do to curb the rising rate of violence on the South end. Personally, I don't think its rocket science, but more of a grass roots issue, where a series of small changes among a large group of people may have a collective impact. Here is a list of things that ordinary citizens can do to make a difference.

If you see a young Mom or Dad struggling with their kids, offer to help, instead of glaring at them. If someone wants to merge in to your lane, let them. Smile at people as you go through your daily life, look a cashier in the eyes and ask her how her day is going. If you know of a child in the neighborhood that does not have a mother or father figure around, see if you can make a difference in that childs life. Offer the single parent a night out by watching their child(ren).

Reward those that are trying hard to make ends meet by having them over for dinner, or offering them household items or clothing you no longer need. Consistantly reward and encourage those around you who are trying hard and making good decisions in their lives.. show no mercy to those who don't. Don't allow your child to bully or be bullied. If you see someone doing something wrong, take a stand. Let them know that their behavior is not going unnoticed.

Help your child feel compassion, and understand points of view other than their own. Teach them to respect the world and themselves, and always lead by example.

The world and Peoria are not going to change overnight, but if every citizen takes an oath to be the best person that they can be, we will see results. Pollyanna-ish, I know, but its worth a try! Give it a fancy name (how about "the Be Nice Peoria project"), its own logo, a barrel of ink and some spammers, and see what happens.


Mary said...

Well said Diane. Mary

Internet Safety Queen said...


Stumbled on your site. Am a "neighbor" of yours, Macomb!!! It's a small world, isnt it??

Have a wonderful weekend!

Diane Vespa said...

yes, it is. My brother went to school there and majored in Law Enforcement. He is now a Police Officer in Elgin (he rides a police bike!) and is just a few years from retirement.