Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Find a friend at Petsmart

Sofie, my Pekingese, has a case of the itchies, so I decided it was time to track down that medication that smells like concentrated road oil to slick on the back of her neck. Systemically it kills any cooties, nits, larvae that reside in her furry frock and God knows what else. (I try not to think about that!). Anyhoo I'm out at Petsmart looking for this nasty stuff when my conscience (spellchecked) levitated me towards the cat room. Ordinarily I'm a dog person, cause they poop outside, but these cats were quite compelling. The room was cozy and calm as the kitties snoozed in their little individual crates, but a few pushed against the front in order to cop a little scratch from me. As I petted one, another would get jealous of the attention and then move their furriness to the front of their crate, until everyone of those kitties had a nice little scratch. There were some really pretty ones. One had the grace and blue eyes of a Siamese but a tic-tac-toe pattern of grey and orange... another was a jet black and white one that looked like he was wearing a tuxedo. Some had little bio cards written on their behalf (lump in throat). Most of them were nuetered and de-clawed. If you have room in your heart and home for a cat, you should really check these dudes out. And a big High Five to stores like Petsmart and Petco who do not sell puppies. Instead, both stores provide pet adoption services for local animal welfare groups. Now how cool is that?

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