Sunday, June 17, 2007

Have you thanked a cop lately?

Since I can't get past the Supercalifredjulistic log in requirements of Billys blog, I guess I'll just have to comment here. The blogosphere and the PJStar seem to be all on the same bandwagon of police bashing these days. OK, maybe there is a rogue cop or two out there (as in any industry), but don't defame the whole police department. These men and women are kissing their spouses and kids goodbye every morning and wondering if they will ever see them again. Every traffic stop, ever call to a domestic disturbance, every blaring burglar alarm that they respond to puts them in harms way and their life on the line. Many of the people that they deal with are freaked out, stressed out, mad about something (nothing that they have done of course) and would mete out some significant bodily harm if given the chance. (Sounds a lot like toddlers now that I think about wonder I'm crazy!) Those that criticize them should try working under those conditions for awhile before casting stones.


Floyd said...

It just seems like that brotherhood is much more interested in protecting their own personal interests, vis a vis getting off tickets and such. While I can respect professional courtesy, SOME officers feel as though they, while on their personal time, can break the laws they are paid to uphold and get away with it.

I have much respect for our police forces, even the son-of-a-so-and-so that gave me a seatbelt ticket a few weeks ago. 8-) It's not an entire police force with which I have a problem, but a force that keeps officers like this on the payroll. They choose to misrepresent themselves with these actions.

Diane Vespa said...

Yes, I would imagine that a "pack" mentality could manifest itself under those working conditions. After all, for them, "protecting personal interests" could also mean keep my buddy from getting shot. It is probably hard to turn it off and on depending on the circumstances. By the way, there are many police officers in my family, can you tell ;-). Wonderful, moral people doing difficult and dangerous work!