Friday, June 15, 2007

Peoria makes National News!

This morning I was watching the opening segment of The Today Show when Matt Lauer reported news from Peoria, IL, showing images downtown of birds dive-bombing near-by pedestrian traffic. Apparently there is at least one bird on the rampage and exhibiting psychotic tendencies. The story and images were humorous enough to be deemed worthy of about a 60 second spot on The Today Show. I'd love to see the PJStars "half full-half empty" spin on that!

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Jeep2000 said...

Oh, man! I saw that on the local news yesterday, but missed it on the Today Show (which I do watch). I had to laugh because people were running downtown, probably preparing for the race, and each one was taken completely by surprise when this bird dive-bombed and pecked them on the back of their heads.
I hope he's not drawing blood!