Friday, June 29, 2007

Praise be to God I have lived to see another day!

All week I have been quietly wallowing in worry as I anticipated an outpatient procedure to remove the remnants of years of sun worshiping. If you can take away one pearl of wisdom from reading this post let it be this.. listen to your MOTHER! Well, D-day was today and the anaesthesia of choice was "conscious sedation". Where the conscious part comes in I can't figure out because there ain't noone who can call where I was consciousness. Never before had I felt such dread over surgery.. and when the nurse asked me what worried me I thought about it for a nano-second and replied "Death"...but even worse... leaving my children without a mother. But alas, I put it in God's hand and came home intact, with all 4 limbs and a much prettier torso.

I feel so relieved and jubilant that everything is over that I felt compelled to write about the wonderful people that helped me today. First of all Methodist Medical Center is awesome. They have treated our families bumps, bruises and warts for years and are consistantly the epitome of professionalism. Although if I had one more person confirm my name and procedure I was prepared to start jacking with them. NO.. I'm not Diane, I'm Susan. ha ha... I'm here for a leg amputation.

Also a big Thank you to Dr. Richard Anderson, my surgeon, he is just a doll. He leveled with me and gave the proper amount of reassurance. Plus he didn't make me take off my skivvies during the procedure. A big high five on that one. Then there was the anaesthesiologist who could have had a role on "ER". It became obvious I was suffering extreme angst when I didn't even care that I looked like crap around him. Yeah, like he really cared...I'm probably old enough to be his Mother ... if I gave birth to him at 12 ;-)

Then there was the cutie patootie who wheeled me in to the OR.. he helped me hang my IV bag on the back of the door so that I could pottie and then helped me back to the gurnee... all the while not even trying to peek at my butt in that ridiculous hospital gown. What is up with that anyway? Why don't they have a butt?? I would love someone from the medical community to give me one damn good reason why those hospital gowns don't have a butt. OK... a little off track...

Then another gigantic high five goes to Emily Diane (that was her first and middle name), the nurse anesthesist. Girlfriend, you rock!!!

And last but not least was the woman who admitted me... a lovely black woman with great hair and nails...(I so wish I caught her name). She had a photo of her son who is currently serving in Iraq sitting next to her, and she got a little teary eyed when I asked about him. She said she gets through her days by putting it in God's hand. Wow, thanks for the reminder! I thanked her for her families sacrifice and she graciously said your welcome. I will pray for his safe return.


Angie said...

I'm so happy for you!! You Rock!
Methodist is awesome-they took such good care of Mama Walker and even myself. Love them!
Hope you can have a peaceful holiday now

Anonymous said...

Gowns have to have openings so that the medical staff can assess different body parts. I am sure they would have been happy to let you wear the opening in the front....

(your sister)

Pammy said...

Great news! There's nothin worse than worrying and fretting about something like that. Well, there is something worse, but you know what I mean.
And about the gowns? Listen to your sister...she knows what she's talkin about. hehe

Floyd said...

Good to hear you done well!

The gowns have openings in the back to distract you from why you're REALLY at the hospital!!

Diane Vespa said...

Ha ha, floyd, it worked!!

Jennifer said...

Hi. So glad that you are okay and your procedure was successful.