Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dog of my dreams

Lately the blogging community has been writing about their pets, which warms the cockles of my heart. Not sure if that is a medical term but if there are cockles in my heart they would be plenty toasty. After reading this post and this one I felt that it would be pathetically remiss if I didn't write a testimonial to my sweet Sofie. So here I go...

Sofie came to us in 1999 at a very sad time in our lives, and I was looking for some lovin from the canine community. She had been left in a kennel outside of PAWS over the weekend, and when the staff brought her in they knew nothing about her, other than she was sweet, cute and flea-ridden. At the time I was a volunteer at Paws, and one of the workers tipped me off as to her presence. When I first saw her she was alone on a concrete floor in a huge kennel. She couldn't have weighed more than 8 pounds dripping wet.. and it was all she could do to lift her head off the floor to observe me, sort of drag herself over to the front of the cage and try to lick my nose through the bars. Whoa. She definately had me at hello.

I had to wait 7 days to adopt her because of the owners right to reclaim. She was adoptable at 12:00pm the next Saturday, and that day I camped out all morning making sure that no one else could beat me to her. Let me tell you that would have been one h*ll of a scene. But alas, she was destined to be ours, and she has been a blessing to our entire family. She is wonderful with all the kids in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, Sofies attributes seem to be more in the looks department than in the brains department. She is just plain not very bright, and I often have to save her from herself. She is completely deaf and we have worked out a series of hand signals for "your food is ready", "time to go outside... for a walk.. for a ride, etc." Every night at the end of the day I gather my pillow and blanket, the remote, some hand lotion and my dog, and we watch TV together in the recliner. Sometimes I have to put her down though because she rotates between incessantly pushing my hand with her nose, or she'll just stare intently at my face for whatever dog reason she has. It scares me to be that loved... as I feel certain that if she really had a grasp on reality I'd disappoint her.

Sometimes when I'm spending quality time with her my thoughts stray back to a few other dogs I have known and loved. They have gracefully passed the baton to her, and although they are no longer part of this world, they live always and forever in my heart.

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