Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Intuitive Parenting

I'm putting all my parenting books in a garage sale. cheap. You know, I just don't need any more advice. From now on, I'm going with my gut. That is what always turns out to be right anyway. My Sister and I talk several times a week. She frequently seeks advice on parenting a toddler. Lately I notice my advice is always the same.. "Whats your gut?" Funny, but she always seems to have the right answer... she just doesn't trust her own intuition. From "Oprah" to "Dr. Phil" and 50 others just like it, talk shows are so quick to point out our shortcomings as parents and individuals...the cumulative effect is that we now continually question our own intuition and ability to do something as natural as parenting.

Why is it so important what the experts think? One time I was telling my Dad about the techniques we were using to curb our child's temper tantrums. I was so proud of myself, certain that I was sounding like a candidate for Mother of the Year. So here he is, a product of the depression, just rolling his eyes... "Isn't that just common sense, Diane"? That sure busted my sails but ya know, he was right.

We don't need experts telling us how to raise our kids! Once we have the first one figured out the theories are all blown to He** by the next one anyway. As I was pondering this whole post on the eliptical trainer yesterday, I thought it could even be fun to write a book. Solicit stories from parents that poo-poohed the experts, went with their gut, and sent their kids to Harvard. I even picked the name of the book... "Intuitive Parenting". Then on a whim, I googled my title. Damn, someone already beat me to it. Maybe its not such a foreign concept after all!


PeoriaIllinoisan said...

A parenting book about not needing a parenting book.

Reminds me of Seinfeld's Coffee Table book about Coffee Tables.

You're right on though. I think everyone nervously reads books before their first one is born, but after that it just comes naturally. We got rid of ours long ago.

Diane Vespa said...

Gosh, I never thought about that. Well, lets just say, this would be the only parenting book you would need.