Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kind of quiet here..

I saw Chef Kevin out today.. told him that I have really enjoyed his latest posts. I just can't seem to muster anything up myself lately. Perhaps its the sudden passing of my friend and colleague.. I just don't seem to have an opinion. Yes, I've been reading the news, the terrible scene on I74 from a few days ago, the total moron wrestler who just killed his wife and innocent baby boy. Yes it makes me sick. But I just can't seem to find my ever present opinion. It's on a break. Hopefully at a spa somewhere getting a deep muscle massage. When it returns... you'll know.

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Jennifer said...

I have felt the same way recently.
I haven't been able to put into words how awful I feel for the family and friends of the overpass victim. Everything else seems so trite in comparison that I almost feel like a cad writing about it.