Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Quit the bitchin' and start snippin'

Here is a quick easy way to help out your District 150 School. Bring your box tops to Sam's next Saturday September 8. We will be collecting the box tops from the products you purchase as well as accept box tops you can clip from home. District 150 receives 10 cents per box top, which in past years has resulted in over $7,000 for Kellar School alone - 100% of which is spent directly on the kids! Look for the logo that you see at the top of this post and snip! For more information on participating brands, as well as ways to earn box tops that don't involve scissors, visit the box tops for education web site. . You can find Box Tops on brands such as Cheerios®, Betty Crocker®, Pillsbury®, Ziploc®, Kleenex®, Hefty® and more!

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Diane Vespa said...

Today we did our box top collection at Sam's. It was a very profitable afternoon from a box-top standpoint. It was also an interesting excercise in social studies as we observed the different reactions from different people. Some people already collect box tops for their own schools so did not want to surrender theirs. That's cool and understandable. Some people acted like we were trying to steal their groceries since they didn't understand what box tops were, but allowed us, albeit suspiously to clip them. Others wouldn't let us within 10 feet of their groceries.. and others willingly and happily let us rummage through their groceries and even let us open up their packages to get the box tops inside. Admittedly, in my life time I'm sure I have disposed of 1000's of box tops. But no more. It was so exciting when we would see some with cart loads of products that we knew had 5, sometimes 10 box tops on one package. Just like a scavenger hunt. What a blast. A huge shout-out to SAM'S WHOLESALE who cares about the kids in our schools!

* A reminder if you have products that contain the icon at the top of this post - please clip them and either drop them off at Kellar School, or RE/MAX Unlimited (corner of Knox. and War Memorial). Some great Kharma will be returned to you for your efforts.

Oh, and thank you, Flamingo1, for PERSONALLY delivering your boxtops to me today! Your flock ROCKS!!