Thursday, September 13, 2007

So much to do - so little time!

The Peoria Park District Fall Winter Playbook is now available! I look forward to this publication every season. It is so enjoyable to check out the various classes and imagine the possibilities if I had no kids or job. But since I have both of those.. they are destined to remain just that - a fantasy. So here they are, in no particular order - the top 5 Activities I'd like to participate in through the PPD!

1. ADULT, INFANT AND CHILD CPR - American Red Cross Building - $55


3. COOKING CLASS - HORS D'OEVERES - the Bronze Frog - $35. Hey, is this taught by our own Chef Kevin? Me thinks so!


5. BALLROOM DANCE -Owens Center - $62

And here are a few you wouldn't catch me dead at.

COMPUTERS FOR MATURE ADULTS: There isn't enough Red Bull in the world that would keep me awake for that one.

BOW MAKING. - I'm thinkin that doesn't need an explanation.

CAKE DECORATING FOR BEGINNERS - Heres all you need to know about that subject: Make, Bake, Eat.

ADVANCED OPEN WATER SCUBA - don't you people read the papers?

BE A NIFTY KNITTER (See comment for Bow-making)

Pick up a copy of the Fall/Winter 2007 Playbook or visit their website for the details!


Jennifer said...

I love the Peoria Park District book and I always have a big list, too. I did register for a seafood class at the bronze frog. (Yes, Chef Kevin is teaching it).

The cooking classes are my favorite catagory, not being crafty at all.

Oh, and I'm too lazy to exercise anywhere other than at home, on my treadmill.

Chef Kevin said...

Yes, "our own" Chef Kevin. Unfortunately, that class is full already and we are working on another date in November\early December.

Kevin Lowe said...

Hey, I don't have much to say -- just wanted to see my comment on your recent comments widget. Also, wanted to compliment you on the new header photo. Very cool!

My Flock Rocks! said...

Diane~check out your recent comment...

On Sep 13 Diane Vespa commented on what do i need to do to get little: “thanks for the tip, Big Rog.
Hmmmm... :)

Eyebrows McGee said...

we're *so* in for the massage classes for couples. :) I need to update my CPR cert too, though I keep putting it off ....

I'm teaching "Sew Fun" and "Hardanger Embroidery" in the community rec section. Woot!

Debbie Gizzi said...

Hi Diane,
Love your blog. It's like a column. I feel like I know Peoria. You have a wit and a flair for writing.

Diane Vespa said...

@ eyebrows: OMG that would have been awful if one of my "no's" had been one of your classes! Whew!

@ Debbie: I'm just aspiring to be like my darling Sis-in-Law. KKKKIIIIISSSSes to you!!

Eyebrows McGee said...

LOL, it's okay. Sewing isn't everybody's thing! I realize it's a slightly weird hobby for, you know, post-1950. :)