Friday, October 5, 2007

He just didn't get it!

Dwayne Bartels, if you are reading this you blew a great opportunity to really help the citizens of Peoria. Your reporting in this weeks Times Observer regarding Peoria Twp. real estate taxes was heavily slanted in favor of the Supervisor of Assessments and Appeal board and against the taxpayers of Peoria. Great job repeating their "talking points". You accomplished nothing other than perpetuate the existance of a confused and under-informed public. Do you really think I'm a "one woman show on a mission?" Did ya even BOTHER to talk to anyone else besides the assessment office? If you did you would realize that the issue of overtaxation concerns far more people than "one woman"! Secondly, please understand my mission: my mission is to "help" citizens understand their tax bill and appeal their taxes if they are overassessed, not to "get" them to appeal their taxes regardless of the circumstances. Was it my talking or your listening that was the problem? We looked for you at the workshop that was PACKED, and with no newspaper advertising, by the way. Very unbalanced reporting. I rest the case I made in my "Real Estate taxes too high?" thread. Too bad.


Peoria Chic 2007 said...

I have never responded to any printed article but now I feel I must:
WOW! What a clueless reporter. This guy was given ample opportunity & knowledge to write an
interesting & informative article...and he flubbed. It should be noted that he also did not attend a free seminar to the public on Monday night given by myself, Diane, Tim Johnson, and Bob Mcquellen, a local expert that makes his living by protesting property taxes for property owners. By the way, the seminar was full. (But we would have made room for one more!)

What was not represented in this article was the public frustration over property taxes. This is certainly not a "one woman mission." by Diane. Ask anyone that owns property in Peoria county about their taxes; I'm am sure you will get colorful commentary. As a Peoria native and in real estate for over 19 years, I hear everyday about people and their property tax woes. I have buyers that do not move here because of the property taxes. I also have people that sell the family home and choose to retire in other areas because of the property taxes. As much as I would love to crown Diane as queen on a mission, this is a topic of concern with most property owners in Peoria county. What was not represented in this article was the public at large.

It is my hope in the future that people that publish words present factual information that is useful to the public. It's easy to hide behind a pen and label people that are actually active in their community. Next time take the higher ground. Leave the name calling to the tabloids. (unless of course that is the bar The Observer is striving for!) Thoroughly educate yourself on the topic, then write a useful article that people can learn from.

Tamara Krupps

Diane Vespa said...

Oh, but I was soooo looking forward to my coronation!

Anonymous said...

I've been a realtor in Peoria for the last 12 years. Our property taxes are definitely high. Everyone that works the Peoria city area constantly hears this from our clients. Many people refuse to even look at homes in Peoria, and taxes are one of the reasons. People that move here from out of state are astounded when they see what our property taxes are. I realize that taxes do go to support schools, streets, parks,etc. I understand that certain people are going to complain no matter what their taxes are. However, I do think that if we could bring our property taxes more in line with other cities our size that we could somewhat curb the exodus from Peoria.

As far as Diane or any other of the realtors that sponsored the seminar, to accuse any of them of some "one person mission" is ridiculous. They were simply offering an informative session to their clients.
Bill Molleck

Anonymous said...

Can't stop rising property taxes now. Too late. The museum people are desparate to get money anywhere and the taxpayers pocket is the easiest one to pick. The Library $35 million dollars is coming from taxpayers pockets despite the fact that one in four adults read NO BOOKS last year (Associated Press-Ipsos poll released August 21,2007.)
Plus the Library Board will close the Southside Branch, the branch the JSEB said that in 2001,"was bursting at the seams" They will also close RiverWest which averages 4 patrons a day. The library was given funds to open the downtown libray on Sundays. Never happened. Lincoln Library is poorly attended (go visit like I do) but to be politically correct some millions will be spent on it also. Ditto the underused McClure branch. And stories avbout overcrowding at lakeaview are all falsehoods. I use Lakeview at least 60 times a year.

Gary Sandberg is happy. He paid $280 property tax last year (9,000 SF lot with 1,100 SF residence)

Many people I talked iwth in older homes had their taxes reduced. My house built in 1975 is not exactly a modern home inside but fair value rose $46,000.


You think the current zoo losses of $1.2 million plus over the past three years is worth the money? Wait till you see the losses on the $32 million dollar expansion. You may think the Civic Center won't lose money. Think again.
By reputable source, #150 is goimg to seek over $120 million in new bonds. Some will be paying the airport tax for the first time and the GPSD has raised their taxes.
The Counties budget has jumped from $112 million to $122 million for 2008 and wait till you see the budgets of ICC, the City, ect.

Also most County Board members appear to be sold on spending between $13 million to $22 million on the county nursing home that loses money every year. More property taxes. The jail and juvenile systems I'm told are overcrowded and the Chief needs more police and the Sheriff need more deputies.

I learned today that the PPD is going to sell bonds to fund the headquarter move to the old IDOT building (total cost, around $3 million) which will be temporary as they plan to move again.

My fair value jumped $46,000 this year and I made no impovements since the early 90's. Yes I have filed an appeal.

Why don't I hold the County Budget steady? I am one of 18 to vote and the most conservative. The board has some control over the elected officials budgets but they were elected by the voters the same as the board.