Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pics of the Bloggers Bash! (updated)

Sorry, I know I'm a little late getting on this train, but just wanted to post a few pics of the Bloggers Bash last night. This particular event was a little more mellow than bashes gone by, but that was OK by me. When I arrived there were 2 tables. All the girls were at one table and the boys were at another. It was hilarious. I snagged a table with my buddy Chef Kev and Billy and knew my draggin butt wasn't moving for the rest of the evening.

Had a super conversation with our old buddy, Matt Jones, who is married to Sandy Gallant of WEEK. He is a very charismatic person and it was fun watching Billy meet his nemesis. Billy and Matt talked like life-long buds.

Turns out Billy has his own version of Desperate Housewifes. Be sure and ask him about it. And a further note: turns out me and this guy had been separated at birth!

Also enjoyed seeing the lovely ladies of blogging, a few of whom eventually mosied on over to the table with the boy cooties. Eyebrows, you just gotta blog about the gyno story... although your expressions might be hard to translate.

It was great meeting "Tales of the River City". Turns out we have LOTS in common, and if a little Peke shows up on my front porch I'll know who to name him after!


Katie said...

Diane...I don't remember the hot blond guy leaning up against the tree. Were there trees? ...I thought I was just drinking lemonade... :)

My Flock Rocks! said...

Wow! If I would have know all those handsome men were going to be there (especially without shirts), I would have made damn sure I was there! Count on me being there at the next one! Yum!

Near Normal said...

Our Foster got adopted. Your doorstep is safe for now.

It was great meeting you all. I did see Katie leaving with the shirtless guy. :-)

Katie said...'re gonna get me in trouble! :)

Peoria AntiPundit said...

Di...You shouldn't have posted that picture of me without my shirt. I only took it off to see if the girl table would join the guy table.