Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Time to give thanks...

It can be trite, and often overlooked. Isn't it just human nature to take the wonderful things for granted, and squawk about the not-so-great things?

I am so thankful to be living in this country! What are the chances that if you threw a dart at a map you would end up a citizen of the greatest country on Earth?

I am thankful for the wonderful and supportive environment I have in which to work.

I am thankful for my parents who worked hard to instill sound ethics and values. I've done my best to uphold them and slipped only a few times.

I am thankful for my adversaries, for it is through dissension that we grow stronger and gain a deeper understanding of who we are.

I am thankful for my dear husband - a calm and rational presence in my life who has taught me to slow down, breath and enjoy the scenery.

And I am thankful for the children of my dreams. They have surpassed my wildest expectations and are truly my greatest achievement. I will never get over the pride I feel when they call me "Mom"

I am thankful for my friends, new and old! Special relationships that help keep the blood pressure in check and life just a little bit more exciting!

But most of all, I am thankful for my relationship with the Lord. We've had our moments, but I think we've reached an understanding!

A Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to all!

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Bff said...

I am thankful that I have the best BFF in the whole world!