Saturday, November 10, 2007

Who'da thunk it?

On a whim we decided a few weeks ago to add two beta fish to the Vespa family. I really thought it would be nothing other than casual entertainment for the kids. Turns out, we're really getting attached to those little critters. It started the day we lost Sofie... we had a candlelight vigil in our home, and brought the fish in their little bowls into the room to participate. Since that evening, the fish have remained on the kitchen counter like air traffic control in the center of all the hubbub!

My favorite time of day is in the early morning before anyone else is awake. I pour a cup of coffee and grab the paper. The fish greet me as I enter the room and rise from the bottom of their tanks and wiggle expectantly up to the top. I know what you're thinking. Well that's where they get their food. But no, not these fish. They just dig me. I can tell.

They each have their own personality. The girl fish, Pepe, moves very slowly and daintily. She delicately plucks at her food and is careful not to eat too much...watching her girly-ish fish figure. The boy fish, Emily, is the typical dude. He moves quickly and boastfully around the tank just lookin for trouble. Fortunately, it hasn't dawned on his fish-sized brain that he isn't going to find it in that 1 gallon tank.

One morning when I walked in to the room Emily was sleeping. Not realizing that fish actually sleep, a feeling of total panic overwhelmed me. My panic was quickly met with relief when he perked up upon realizing I was in the room and did his customary dance up to the top of the tank. It was then that I realized - damn! I really love these fish!


My Flock Rocks! said...

Ummm...I think you have the names mixed up....Emily is a dude? and Pepe is watching her girlish fish figure? I know a good fish therapist if you need one!
Gil is doing good too! I worry when I see him on the bottom but I was told that Betta's are actually mud puddle fish. Weird as it may seem they live and breed in small amounts of water and the male puddle jumps!
Hey...You'll have to bring Emily and Pepe over for a swim!:)

Jennifer said...

My kids had a beta fish when they were toddlers, it was a good first pet (especially since we were renting). They live a lot longer than goldfish and it seemed you didn't have to clean their bowls as often (bowl cleaning, ugh!). Plus, they're really pretty. I'm glad you're enjoying yours.