Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy Flippin New Year!

Thank you to all my readers, commenters, friends, family and clients who have made 2007 such a sensational year! Have a Great '08! I plan too.


steven edward streight said...

Diane, do you think all real estate agents and mortgage brokers should have a blog? I do.

Especially in the current housing loan meltdown we are experiencing. People are looking for those they can trust, and a blog is a good way to reveal oneself and build trust and understanding.

I applaud your blogging work and wonder what you'd say to a professional who was considering blogging.

I think you probably already know that Jen Christensen has a new blog:

News Anchor Mom

It's a blog about child safety, child health, parenting, toxic toys, autism, kids diets, etc.


Diane Vespa said...

Hi Steven, Yes, it would be great if any professional person could have a blog, so a potential client would have the opportunity to learn about that person before entering into a relationship. However, blogging takes a lot of time and personal committment. You also have to have the desire to do it and enjoy writing. Many people may not fit those parameters. In addition, a professional who chooses not to blog anonymously has to be much more careful about what they say, and does not necessarily enjoy the liberty of "freedom" of the press". Overall, I have found blogging to be a very satisfying outlet for many inner everyday-type conflicts.