Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No, I did not just wrestle with a jungle cat...

That's what you would think by looking at my hands and arms. They are covered with deep painful scratches... similar to what you would get if you wrestled with a large animal from the cat family and lost. No, these are compliments of the two new fuzz-faces in our home - Milo and Merry. Before the reader jumps to conclusions and thinks that I am referring to a minor nail clipping issue, I will digress on the source of my injuries.

On New Years Day the Vespa family took a little ride out to East Peoria to potentially adopt one out of 2 Pekingese that the owner wanted to get rid of. The Pekes were a breeding pair and together they had 3 adorable 8 week old puppies. The owners wanted two of the puppies but due to the emaciated condition of the Mamma, the partial blindness of the Pappa, and general health issues of the pair they no longer wanted these dudes. This scenario met all my criteria for adopting only rescue or pound pets and when we got there we decided to take both- just to get them out of a bad situation. I told dh we would keep one and find a loving home for the other. That was 3 weeks ago, ah-hem.

They are gentle, loving dogs and great with the kids, but suffice it to say they lack a little in the manners department. Slowly but surely we are making some progress in that regard- but it was all shot to heck yesterday during the fresh snowfall. The dogs love to go for short rides in the mini-van and upon returning home were making the customary jaunt from the van to the house. Ordinarily, they run straight into the house to see if any food has magically appeared in their bowls during their absence, but this time, the blanket of snow disoriented them, and they started running. They ran behind our house, and then the neighbors and then the next neighbors, and then to my horror... disappeared into the woods. I was chasing them as fast and far as I could go. Do you know that there are wild rose bushes deep in the woods? Like their domestic cousins they have thorns - very large ones, indeed.

So there I was, Ms. Super Pet Owner running as fast and furious as I could through the woods- pushing the thorns out of my way with my bare hands- completely oblivious to the damage they were inflicting upon my limbs. But it was to no avail... soon there was no sign of the dogs. It was devastating. My mind was filled with all the awful ways they would die, lost deep in the woods. If the coyotes didn't get them the frost or icy creek would. Merry in her weak and fragile state wouldn't last an hour. What would I tell the kids? What would I tell the dh, and the neighbors? I was literally shaking from dread and fear.

A few minutes later, I heard my daughter yelling "Merry! Merry!" My little Merry apparently came to her senses and remembered all the hot meals and loving she enjoyed over the last several weeks and mercifully re-traced her steps. A few minutes later I heard Milo's familiar sassy little yap a bit in the distance. I followed the source of the yaps and found Milo trash-talking a Springer Spaniel.

I scooped up both of my dogs and took them home ASAP! I was so relieved I couldn't even be mad at them. Hmmm... I wonder if they will remember their break for freedom? I sure won't forget it - and I'll have the scars to prove it.


Flam said...

I think it's about time you got a leash for those cuties! They are so adorable! :)

ilstateredbird said...

They are precious.
They will do it again since they found the dog. The cold seems seems to make scents a lot stronger and they probably smelled something in the woods. Or heard the Springer.
Give them some belly rubs.