Thursday, January 31, 2008

Organic Dog Food? You gotta be kiddin me!

When we brought Merry and Milo home on New Years day, our initial concerns were ear mites, worms, and malnutrition. So after tackling those issues, it was a relief to focus on something as basic as dog food. Specifically, what are these dudes going to be eating over the next 10+ years? I had read with disgust the newspaper reports in 2007 about American pet food manufacturers and their Chinese counterparts lacing our pets food with arsenic to pump up their profits. Well, the average American is far more forgiving than I, because once you try to kill my dog or my kids, any chance of getting my future business is pretty much shot to Hell. Simply put, I will NOT buy dog food from any company that was involved in the massive petfood recall. If I have to cook up ground beef and rice daily for the rest of my life, so be it.

So, I decided to check out the Pet Food aisle at Krogers and see what my options were for pet food made in the US. To my surprise, I saw a familiar product label that I adore - Newman's Own makes organic dogfood! That's the good news. The bad news: it is 3 times the price of Purina ($1.89 a can as compared to 69 cents for Purina.) I did the math, and calculated the additional cost per year it would be to go with Paul and Joanne, and realized I could buy a new laptop every year if I went with the Purina. Don't even get me started on if I opted for the 'Ol Roy!

Then I started thinking of our new little friends, and everything they had been through... and all the love and admiration they shower upon us. You guessed it, I opted for the organic. Who needs a new laptop every year anyway, eh? My hunch is that many families have arrived at the same conclusion, so tomorrow, I call our broker and buy stock in organic dog food companies!


My Flock Rocks! said...

Lucky Dogs!:) They ARE worth it!

Anonymous said...

Feeding organic does not necessarily need to be more expensive. Our companions are worth it! I have fed my dogs and cat all natural diets for years and I think it makes a tremendous difference in their lives. When you learn about what really is in commercial pet food it is really disgusting. Even before the recall and the tainted food from China our pets deserved better. But the recall did make people question the food they were feeding and do some homework, which is great. It is sad that animals had to get sick and some die for us to really understand this about pet foods.
While Newman's is a better choice than regular commercial food there are even better choices for those who want to go the extra mile. Dr. Harvey's makes a food that is organic and you add your own meat. It's amazing food. My dogs absolutely love it and they have never looked better or been healthier.
I know many dogs who have lots of health problems who got better by switching to an all natural diet and away from preservative filled commercial foods. I hope your readers check out
Dr. Harvey's! You can go their website or go to Only Natural Pet. Hope this helps!

Peoria Pundit said...

Organic food is a crock. If the world's agriculture system switched to organic, starvation would be rampant.

And the chemicals that the organic industry eschews prevents diseases that are worse than the ailments that are often incorrectly assigned to the chemicals. said...

we've had our dog on science diet for the last few years. organic was recently recommended to help reduce the shedding and gas problems. the dry food is far more affordable than the canned. perhaps you should check out this option?

i'm not sure what is in organic food vs regular but if helps with our dog's shedding problem then i'll buy it!

steven edward streight said...

I'm very disappointed in your blog anarchy view posited on NewsAnchorMom blog.

There are consensus guidelines, like "never blog about a product for pay or other compensation", that are an attempt to keep the blogosphere trustworthy, honest, transparent, and authentic.

I'd be happy to explain these norms and ethical standards, for I'm sure you'll agree with them once you understand them.

I've been blogging for about 6 years or so, so I've dealt with these issues rather intensely.



Jennifer said...

Our dog gets "Ol' Roy..." (It actually wasn't in the pet food recall last year).