Friday, January 18, 2008

Ya gotta love the little darlings!

Today we were sitting at Northwoods Mall food court eating burrito's as big as our heads, when I was suddenly overcome with a rush of affection towards my children. I grabbed my daughter and squeezed her close and told her that I would never let her move away.. even after she was married and had kids of her own. I was kidding of course. But she wiped the smile right off my face by replying "But Mommy, when we have kids of our own you'll be dead." Ugh! Guess I need to quit harping on my age around them. Lol!


Flam said...

Hug and squeeze your kids every chance you get! And don't worry what they say'll be around for the pay back!

Jennifer said...

Don't feel bad, I was in my early 20's when I had both kids and they still think I am ancient. I think it's in there nature, that if you're old enough to be their parent, then you must be REALLY old....

Mary said...

Diane....So funny! There are some advantages to being older parents. Who else knew about the Dick and Jane books when they came back in vogue? Annie told me one day my face had a crack. Only one today? Yippee!

The one thing good about moving to MO, it's warmer!