Friday, February 8, 2008

Peoria Association of Realtors Press Conference Wednesday, Feb. 13

From my "Inbox"

The Peoria Area Association of Realtors will be holding a press conference announcing year-end home sales for 2007 on Wednesday, February 13, 11:00AM at the PAAR office ( 7307 Willowlake Ct, Peoria ).

"We will be providing an overview of the local, state and national statistics. We feel it is extremely important to realistically educate the public, the media and the mayors of the area communities regarding the local real estate market, compared to what is being reported nationally."

They will stress the fact that Real Estate values are local, so if you are nervous about buying a home in today's market, perhaps this information will reassure you that Peoria Real Estate is and always has been a sound investment!

Who should attend? Journalists, concerned citizens, community leaders and bloggers! ;)


NewsAnchorMom said...

We spent the entire weekend updating our home with new paint. I am hoping we can sell it at some point. I just keep finding more projects that need to be done before we could even think about putting it on the market. When is the best time to sell?

Diane Vespa said...

Anytime between now and September would be ideal.

It seems the only real slow-down we experience is from about Halloween through mid January.

This deep freeze and profuse snow and ice doesn't help matters much either come to think of it ;)

Thanks for the question!

NewsAnchorMom said...

That's good news. I was shocked to hear the press conference yesterday. My grandma is a realtor and she always says Peoria is one of the best areas for real estate. We seem to buck the trends. What a relief!