Friday, February 8, 2008

A tail of true love...

The time finally came to do the responsible thing and get our new dogs spayed and neutered. I resisted it somewhat, because I couldn't stop thinking about how cool it would be to have a litter of little Merry's and Milo's some day. However, there is no doubt of what the outcome would have been. "But honey, we have to keep them, they are part of our faaaaammmmily now". That would have crescendoed into a "DON'T YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE! DON'T YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE"! Yes, the writing was on the wall that these animals needed to be snipped. Studies show that neutered pets live healthier, happier and longer lives.

So a few days ago I dropped them off at the Vets fully expecting to pick them up later that afternoon. It was a shocker when the Vet staff informed me that in fact, it would require an overnight stay in their Doggie Hilton. Self talk: "OK, Diane, just deal with it - they know what's best!" So I did.

The next morning I dutifully called at 9:00am to see when I could pick them up. The tech delayed a few minutes on the phone and then informed me that they would need to stay "a little longer". The blood left my face. "Um, whats the problem?", I nervously inquired. Well, it seems that Milo was suffering from a permanent erection. A light bulb went off. They obviously underestimated the love these guys have for each other. Even after his little procedure, apparently the dudes still got it. " might want to try separating them and see if that takes care of it."

So I called back at noon, and sure 'nuf, problem solved. They were ready to go home. Ain't love grand?

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Ch Yah said...

Im so glad their surgeries went well, and also that you are doing better having them back at home.