Sunday, March 9, 2008

Daylight Savings Time

I love it and hate it all at the same time. In a feeble attempt to condition myself to a new artificially induced bio-rythm, I play games with the clocks in our house. The main clock on the microwave will be changed to the new "real" time. This insures that all necessary appointments are kept. The other clocks will be transitioned at the rate of approximately one clock per day - partly due to laziness, and partly to remind myself of the true status of our hunger/sleep/wake-cycle. Add in two finicky kids to the mix and a time change can be quite the logistical challenge.

Wouldn't it be great if the powers that be were able to change the "real" time in 15 minute increments over a month? That would be insignificant to the point of irrelevance. Afterall, 15 minutes late can be considered fashionable. And why is it that after decades of time changes and clock ownership I can never remember how to change the clocks from one season to the next? I get my car manual out exactly twice a year - every time change - just to reset the clock!

And finally, does anyone else have trouble remembering the few days after a time change if you are one hour ahead or one hour behind what you are used to? For instance, the clock on my computer right now says 10:50. So yesterday at this time was it 9:50 or 11:50? I can't ever seem to keep that straight in my head. I hope its not just me....

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JennyWo said...

It's hard to remember what time it "really" is when we go through daylight savings..if you tell yourself that old reminder "SPRING forward, FALL back" for going an hour ahead in the spring, and going back an hour in the fall, hopefully that'll help you realize whether 10:30 now was 9:30 or 11:30 a couple of days ago.

Stupid daylight savings always throws everything off for a while. :o)