Sunday, March 16, 2008

Farmer's Share of the Food Dollar

Last Saturday we took the kids to the "Farmer's Share of the Food Dollar Breakfast"- not necessarily for a teachable moment but more for a "good cheap breakfast" - according to the neighbors. So off we trotted to the Knights of Columbus Hall on the corner of Willow Knolls and Radnor and ended up experiencing not just the promised great breakfast but a memorable event as well.

The Farmers Share breakfast is sponsored by the Peoria County Farm Bureau, and provides the public with a farm fresh breakfast of eggs, pancakes, sausage and orange juice for a mere 65 cents. The 65 cents represents what a farmer makes from a typical $5.00 breakfast.

While we were eating our yummy breakfasts one of the Farmers came up to our table and started talking to the kids about farming. He asked them where milk came from. They replied "a cow". Whew. Then he asked who took care of a cow. They replied "a farmer". Double whew. The farmer (Ron) then said my kids passed. Many kids, he explained, think milk comes from a store.

Then another farmer came up and gave them coloring books and crayons, which of course thrilled them. They sat quietly coloring while I browsed the silent auction items.

Needless to say, we left with full tummies, and a newfound appreciation of our hard working farmers! Yay farmers, and a big thank you to the Peoria County Farm Bureau!

photo by the Illinois Farm Bureau

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