Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tae bo for Kids

Remember back in the '80's when Tae bo was all the rage? Billy Blanks was and continues to be so hawt! Those roundhouse kicks were a bear to master but once you got it down, it was fun to run around the house planting the tips of your toes on anything roughly shoulder height.

Last week, a friend gave us a DVD of the Tae Bo Kicks® Kids' Workout . We pushed all of the furniture in the livingroom against the walls and then let loose. Punches, kicks head rolls, and various combinations thereof! What a blast!

I highly recommend this as an activity to do with the kids on a cold or rainy day. Not only did we get our exercise, but it was great family time as well.


Jennifer said...

It really looks like a blast; unfortunately, my kids are more concerned about looking cool than getting exercise.
When they were little though, we loved to "Elmocize!" said...

I was one of those people who got addicted to Tae Bo! I absolutely loved it. I think my son would love this kids version. He might be too young. I will have to check it out. Fun!

Anonymous said...

I can already imagine the pain associated with the groin injury. Nope, I'll stay firmly planted in my couch and watch you guys do the roundhouse kicks!

Lola Takes Pictures said... i get to use it on my kids when they're acting up? ;)

Nomer said...

Maybe I can keep up with that disc because I can never keep up with stuff like Taebo and Turbo Jam!

Angie said...

I LOVE BILLY STILL! Billy helped the pounds melt off. If I would just stay away from chocolate and pizza, they would probably STAY OFF. I love that there is a video for kids since my boys like to watch me and tell me I am not doing it right.

The only problem would be my boys might learn too many power ranger type moves.