Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This ain't no tragedy

Anyone sick to death of the media describing the recent allegations against the Governor of New York Eliot whatzisface as a tragedy? To me, this is anything but a tragedy. I call it karma, or just justice but it sure as heck ain't no tragedy. This was willful, wanton, in your face, laws-and-morality-don't-apply-to-me perverted behavior.

The media needs to refocus on what a tragedy really is. One look no further than the last few weeks headlines of the PJStar. Babies dying, college kids dying, brutal random shootings, lives destroyed - those are tragedies.

Oh sure, its too bad for his wife and kids. The ramifications of Eliots behavior will deliver profound consequences for them, but they'll get through it. Everyone has obstacles to hurdle at some time in their lives. They have the resources to get counseling and move on with their lives. Mrs. Spritzer looks like a fine, attractive and competent woman. This could turn into a "lemonade" moment for her, and good riddance. The children will learn the definition of a "true friend" and will undoubtedly land on their feet a little roughed up, but wiser to the ways of the world.

Myself, I will save my grief and prayers for those families that have been truly affected by tragedy.

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