Saturday, May 24, 2008

Teachers to D150: Not so fast!

The following text appeared in the Peoria Federation of Teachers May Newsletter. Apparently, it's not just the parents that don't like to pushed around!

Peoria Federation of Teachers 780

Newsletter May 2008
Primary Schedule Change
Since the Board of Education voted to institute a change in the primary schedule, teachers need to keep in mind what the language in the current contract says to address the prep period. Teachers are given five 45-minute preps per week, and as a result of the vote of the board of education, that prep will be the beginning period of the day. Teachers can be prescribed one of their preps per month, where an administrator can tell them what they will be doing during that prep. Teachers are free to individually decide how all other preps will be spent. No person can force a teacher to give up a prep without additional compensation after the one prescribed per month.

How does the district expect to force the teachers to do something they do not have to do? It's time to play nice and work together. Last Thursday members of our District 150 Watch coalition presented the Adminsistration with a proposal that demonstrates clearly and convincingly that all of their educational and financial goals can be met without shortening the school day or cutting back on teachers. Please give our children back their teachers and their time in school.

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