Saturday, July 19, 2008

Peoria Historical Society reports internal theft of $13,000

From a letter to the General Membership of the Peoria Historical Society:

Earlier this week, Executive Director Amy Kelly discovered that at least $13,000 is missing from one of our bank accounts. Our most recent hire is also missing. Records indicate check forgery, unauthorized use of an ATM card, and undeposited cash receipts.

According to the letter, a police report has been filed and an investigation is underway. The Historical Society fears they may not be able to recoup the majority of these funds. In the interim, they have changed locks, passwords and security codes and cancelled credit cards and accounts and filed claims.

This breaks my heart and I'm sure many others as well. The director, staff and board members work tirelessly and often on their own time to preserve Peoria's rich and colorful history. At a time when operating costs are increasing and membership renewals are more important than ever, this is no doubt a huge blow to their efforts and morale.

Just last week I was visiting with Amy Kelly and new board member Cory Eller at the Pettengill-Morron house. We were brainstorming ideas for fundraisers to pay for some much needed window work.

If you have ever thought of joining the Historical Society, now is the time. A family membership is a mere $35. per year, or one pizza night. The rewards to you will be infinite. Remember, if we don't cherish and embrace our history, who will some day care about us?


Ian Schwartz said...

Thanks for the important post Diane!

Anonymous said...

No sarcasm intended, but the last thing I would do is throw 'good money AFTER bad' if you get my meaning.

Give money to PHS? That would be more like giving your money to the Museum Group...they are all very cozy. I am sorry, but 99% of the people I have spoken with aren't even aware of the fact Peoria has an Historical Society!!

I am afraid this is just one of many huge mistakes that makes this organization rinky-dink, unprofessional and pathetic.