Thursday, August 7, 2008

D150 2008-09 School Calendar now on-line- updated!

It is downloadable here, or simply click on the image above and it will appear larger. Do not try this at home!

Here is the color key: Yellow - wacky Wednesday, Green - wackier Wednesday, Purple - fruity Friday (except for a single murky Monday), and Red - freaky Friday. This should serve to clear up any confusion.

Is there someone out there that I can hire to call me every flippin day and tell me when to pick up my kids??? Somethin tells me that School Admin better have parents cell phones on speed dial.


Ron Barrett said...

I can't wait til the parents get a load of this!!

They will come out of the woodwork!

Please call 672-6512 and ask for Ken Hinton

Ron Barrett said...

Then, parents, please call your Dist. 150 Board Member!!!!

(sorry, I was still in shock after I saw the calendar!)

Anonymous said...

All school secretaries should give Ken Hinton's or Tom Simpson's phone number out to all people who call about the schedule (and there will be many calls). Or actually give out the phone numbers to the Board Members who voted "yes" to this mess.