Friday, August 8, 2008

Dear Peoria Supervisor of Assessments and Board of Appeals,

I'm sorry that I have been so critical of you over the past few years. Ya know really, your not so bad. I can say that with all certainty now, because this week, I had to deal with the TAZEWELL COUNTY ASSESSMENTS and BOARD OF APPEAL.

My sympathies to anyone who wants to get their Tazewell assessment information on-line or over the phone. My sympathies to anyone who would like to have a question answered about the Appeal forms. My sympathies to any contractor or homeowner who is building new construction and awaiting a new assessment valuation. My sympathies to anyone who wants to appeal their assessment. My sympathies to anyone who may descend in to their PHONE HELL! My sympathies to anyone who needs to speak to a Board of Review person on the phone, and worse yet, GETS ONE! Ugh. I am still twitching. I would link to them but they are not googleable.

Remember when you were single and a had a steady boy or girlfriend but would secretly wonder if there was someone out there better? So you'd go out with someone else, and the date would be terrible, and it would ultimately make you appreciate more the one you had right under your nose? Sorry... a little off track there. Not quite sure what made me think about that.

Anyway, Peoria Assessments Board of Review, please forgive me. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

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