Sunday, August 24, 2008

Take me home from the ba-aaall game!

Under duress, I agreed to go to a Cardinals home game this weekend. Being a die-hard Cubs fan, I couldn't shake the sense that I was cheating on... the Cubbies? Turns out, it was a blast. We stayed at the Springhill Suites in Brentwood, and had dinner last night on "The Hill". This morning we got up bright and early - you know like before 10:00 A.M. and checked out the Gateway Arch, or, the "half-oval" as the Kids call it.

Today's theme at the ballpark was "Adopt-a-Pet", sponsored by Purina. Following every inning an adoptable pet being held by one of the players would be featured on the scoreboard. So approached "lump in the throat" status for me.

Later I couldn't resist taking a peak at the lovable little mutts. Below is a photo of a gal who saw one of the pups on the screen, walked down to the main concourse, took one look at the dog and adopted him on the spot. For the rest of the game she and her Mom planted herself right next to that dude and didn't leave his side. Kudos to them for making room in their heart as well as their home.

I know this is not becoming of a Cubs fan, and I'll deny it if I'm quoted, but I was kind of pleased when the Cards won 6 - 3. It was a great game. The police presence was awesome (ah-hem) and I snapped this photo for the ladies of

The moral of this post is to suggest an alliance between the Peoria Humane Society and the management of O'Brien Field. The adopt-a-pet theme was very popular and what a creative way to save the life of some of our furry friends. So that's my idea of the week. I just set them up. Y'all just lob it outta here!


Jennifer said...

Not a, but I can appreciate a little eye candy in uniform!

(And the puppy was cute, too!) said...

I am so glad to hear some positive comments about my Cardinals! Mhy husband has to say something bad everytime the topic comes up. He too is a die hard Cubbie fan. I must say I have gone to several Cub's games, but my husband has only been to one Cards game (when they weren't playing the Cubs.)I am so glad you had fun! What a great way to get the dogs adopted. I am glad I wasn't there because my boys all want a dog and that would have been hard to resist!

Diane Vespa said...

Sure you are, Jen. That is how I catch all the updates on your awesome blog:

Ch Yah said...

Diane, thanks for always thinking of us, you do us proud!