Thursday, August 21, 2008

This Bud's for Jim and Rachael...

As we prepare to attend Jen's first K-garten Open house tonight I can't help but think about what an eventful summer it has been. Since May, the Peoria District Watch Coalition has been locked in controversy with the school board over their vote that reduced our children's time in school. The dust has settled, and thanks to the responsive nature of several of the school board members, the vote was amended significantly and we are overall pleased with the final outcome.

I would like to thank the above board members, especially Jim Stowell and Rachael Parker, who despite relentless pressure, voted their conscience and exhibited great independence of thought and character to preserve the integrity of the school day for our primary school children. You are true hero's, and I look forward to helping with your re-election campaigns... um, if you want me that is! ;) The 3rd board member noted above is Linda Butler, who was not present for the original vote, but did vote later for the amendment that restored the majority of the time lost.

I would also like to recognize the school board members who didn't quite see eye to eye with us. No doubt it is grueling and thankless and though it may not seem like it, I do recognize the significant sacrifice you make on a daily basis and thank you for it.

Of course it would be extremely remiss of me if I did not thank all the parents, teachers, retiree's, grandparents, neighbors, friends, and citizens who supported us through letters, e-mails and behind the scenes. It takes a village, and you were there.

Our entire family looks forward to another fabulous year within the District 150 family. We are Kellar!!

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ImaSwede said...

Diane, it was an eventful summer! You worked hard! It is obvious that you care not only about District 150 and our educational system, but about bettering Peoria . You were willing to put yourself out there in the public eye to fight for what you believed in, and I applaud you. You took alot of heat for that decision but I hope you realize there were more that supported you and your stance. Your heart and soul were in the right place. I find it sad that our school district's administration and our board members made the decisions they did over this last year.

Kudos to those board members that stood against these crazy decisions.