Monday, August 18, 2008

What he said that he said...

Here is a little nugget I found on Merle Widmer's Peoria Watch blog. I don't know who this Mr. Proft guy is, but based on his comments, methinks he has his thumb on the pulse of Peoria. I am quoting the entire paragraph here below...

I have Mr. Proft's permission to run his email of August 5 as a blog.

In today's JS, "Word on the Street", I quote "There is a school district meeting Tuesday at 6:00 P.M to continue the discussing of charter schools." The only way charter schools will become an actually in Peoria is not with District #150 permission but because of community pressure and actions to form schools that are not in any way under the jurisdiction of the school board and their stifling union but by groups pressuring the State of Illinois for permission to form more private charter schools in our community and in the state and the transfer of some public funding to help support them.

Charter schools are not public school run academies. District #150 ran unsuccessful "academies" for years before abandoning them in 2006.

The math, science and technology school that Superintendent Hinton is talking about is not a privately run charter school but be an academy staffed and run by #150.

Merle Widmer

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Anonymous said...

Charter schools should be an improvement over the totally rigid and myopic government schools, but what we really need is total school choice and vouchers.