Monday, September 8, 2008

It's been a hard days night...(updated with photos)

Updated on Sept. 9 with new photos courtesy of DeWayne Bartels, Peoria Times Observer

Last night was the final concert in the Cilco Summer Serenade Series... a series of four free concerts in the park that take place on the lawn behind Lakeview Museum. The concerts are sponsored by CILCO and are FREE, a fact I try to focus on as I write out those three hundred dollar checks every month.

Last night featured a performance by the American English a Beatles Tribute band that is so "on", that after a few beers, you can close your eyes and imagine pretty convincingly that it is 1961 and you are 25 feet away from a young Paul McCartney. I aplogize for the poor quality of the photos. I had to rely on the MotoQ. I did see DeWayne Bartels out there snapping up a storm but didn't think he would share any of his images with me given our little tiff of last year.

If you have never attended one of these concerts, you have forfeited the right to ever complain again that there is not enough to do in Peoria. The atmosphere is every bit as romantic and exciting as Chicago's Ravinia Park without the traffic.

Be sure to check out the full series next summer. The Bands are always top notch and you can't beat the price!


dewayne said...

I play nice. I'll share.

Diane Vespa said...

that would be great, DeWayne. My e--mail is I'll be sure to give you due credit ;)

dewayne said...

I'll try to remember to send them tomorrow when I download my camera at work.

Anonymous said...

...but you can't have a few beers since it's Park District property and Ravinia lets me bring a bottle of wine !! I don't need to have alcohol at every event, but it would certainly add to the experience at the Summer Serenades and events at Glen Oak Amphitheater.

Diane Vespa said...'ve obviously never heard of the old "sippy cup" trick. Lol!