Friday, October 24, 2008

...breaking....Biden out, Gordon in!

Talk about rubbernecking. That's just ZACTLY what I did driving down Sheridan Road this afternoon and coming upon this Obama/Gordon sign. I was like, HOLY CAMPAIGN SIGNS BATMAN! When did Biden resign?

OK seriously, does this pass the sniff test? $50 bucks to the first person who can forward me proof that the Obama campaign approved this sign. I won't be holding my breath, and in the meantime, given the fact that anything seems to go this campaign season, I've ordered some of my own signs - you know, to kind of capitalize on the Obama Train.

First off, I think we need a town blogger. Billy Dennis, although he occasionally gets on my nerves (Lol!) wins my endorsement. So I'm having me printed up a few of these to slap around town:

Second up, I think we need a town quacker. Just to kind of liven up the place. So I nominate the old family favorite, and someone we all know and love, Mr. Donald Duck. These signs should be ready any day now as well:

I can't wait to start putting out all of our shiny new signs. The Obama campaign doesn't seem to mind. This will be a blast!!


Anonymous said...

Yep, Sheridan Road has some really interesting signs. Right between where the motorcycle cops wait to ticket everyone. That's right--exactly where the speed limit changes from 40 to 30. Bitter, you ask? Oh, yes. And those Obama signs leave an even more bitter taste.

imaSwede said...

I've seen those motorcycle cops! They come out of the woodwork during school hours when children are present, so beware!!

Funny signs! This campaign needed some humor!

Anonymous said...

If only I had Photoshop.

Obama: President/ Wright: Spiritual Mentor

Obama: President/ Marx: Tax Policy Advisor

Obama: President/ Rezko: Housing Czar

Obama: President/ Ayers: Education Secretary

Billy Dennis said...

Tell me, does the job of "town blogger" pay as much as city clerk?