Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cheeto's Mews

Thank you to Cheeto, a guest blogger, and the first CAT who has ever posted to my blog.

Meow out there ! Iam so excited to do this guest blog. I love getting my paws on the PC keyboard. I want to share what is so special about me ( well, really everthing is ) but this is special to us Tabby cats only. Mom keeps telling me the story over & over ( like I didn't all ready know ) but I let her amuse herself as Iam usually not even listening, meow, I could tell her a few things ! Oh well on to the story of the special " M " marking all us Tabbies have on our forehead.

How did Tabby Cats get their 'M'?

All tabby cats have an 'M' marking on their forehead, and on some this mark is very distinct. The 'M' is often referred to as 'the mark of the true tabby'.There are several amusing legends about how tabby cats got their 'M'.The most popular of these legends tells us that when the baby Jesus was lying in the manger he started to shiver with the cold. Mary covered the baby with blankets but still he kept shivering. Mary then ask all the animals to move closer to the manger so that their body heat would warm Jesus. The animals stood as close to the manger as they could but the baby Jesus remained cold and shivering. After a time a small cat with tabby markings jumped into the manger and snuggled next to Jesus. Before long the baby had stopped shivering and was sound asleep, contented and warm.In her gratitude to the tabby Mary made the mark of her own initial, upon the cat's forehead so that tabby cats will forever remind the world of how they saved Jesus from the cold.

So you see Iam very special and I always feel even more so as Christmas approaches ! Hope you enjoyed my story, meow and out ! Cheeto

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Gatekeeper said...

Cool Cheeto... I didn't even know tabby's had an M! I learned something today. Thanks. Love your take on how it got there too.