Saturday, October 11, 2008

City of Peoria Employer Assisted Housing Program

CJ's post got me wondering if many city of Peoria employees are aware that the city offers a downpayment assistance program to it's full-time employees (including fire and police). The basic guidelines of the grant require that the proposed home be located within the city of Peoria and the employee be either a first time homebuyer, or have not owned a home in the past 3 years. The grant amounts are $3,000 city wide, or $5,000 if the home is located in a "priority area" which is generally any home South of Lake Street. There are a few other guidelines that apply but it is really a pretty sweet deal.

If the employee accepts the grant and leaves city employment within 2 years, a pro-rata share of the grant must be paid back. After 2 years of employment, the entire grant is forgiven.

If you would like a complete set of guidelines and/or an application, just shoot me an e-mail to or call me at 645-8608. We will get you pre-approved and then the fun begins - finding the perfect home!

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