Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Oct 3 Journal Star Page A7

Give me a break. This is media bias at it's best.

A nearly full page color ad for Barack Obama under the disguise of a public service message urging people to read newspapers. I'm sure we'll see a similar John McCain ad one of these days - yeah right!!


Diane Vespa said...

OMG Paul! I saw and thought the EXACT same thing. Funny thing is... I can't help but think that they WILL run another with John McCain. They really would have to or their paper would lose its very last shred of credibility!!

O'Brien's Briar Patch said...

Hm....let me see here...

A public figure, especially one that would speak volumes to people at risk, does a public service announcement to read more and you right wingnuts are upset?


Diane Vespa said...

Oh yeah, Scott, that was sooooo selfless of Obama. A real philanthropist let me tell ya.

Anonymous said...

It's that darned left wing media bias. Shoot, the next thing you know Obama will be at the soccer field talking to folks about their fear! I'm sure they would've done a full page ad of Bush encouraging the masses to read the newspaper if he actually READ the newspaper.

Paul Sullivan said...

Well whaddya know. Page D5 in Saturdays Journal Star is the same ad with McCain's picture.

I guess we got their attention Diane. heh heh

Diane Vespa said...

Wouldn't that be great if we could take the credit? Actually, I think I called it in my first comment. Thanks for the post, Paul. Always lovely to hear from you. ptttttttt, ptttttttt! ;)

O'Brien's Briar Patch said...

Hm...wonder if a bias apology will be made.

Now here are a couple of kickers from one Newspaper study -

Of papers with multiple sections, the sports section is number two in being read. The local section is number one.

Sunday is the most widely read day, with Saturday second.

So, if one wants to cry about an unsubstantiated bias rather than pointing out these were just simple PSA, it seems to me that it could be the Dems.

In the meantime, let's talk a bit about the sexist Asian massage ad that keeps showing up in the sports section. Why isn't that darn thing in the home and garden section!?!?!?