Thursday, October 23, 2008

Guest Blogger contest! - UPDATED 2XX! We have winners!

The verdict is IN. My Mom has spoken. She has reviewed all of the guest blog entries and has rendered her decision.

First Place: Cheetoh's Meows! Mom sez: "Well you know how much I love cats... and I love that this is written by a cat. Very unique and original"

Second Place: Crodseth heads off the beaten path... Mom sez: "This was a cute, fun read. And I gave him a bonus for the photo's as you requested"

Third Place: A Tie! Mom loved the sentimental pieces, but probably didn't appreciate them as much as she would at other times because she has been nursing a sick husband (my Dad) and at this time appreciated the lighter pieces. She thought both were very well written and a wonderful tribute to the author's loved ones!

I will contact each of you to get your prizes to you!

Thank you to my wonderful young authors for all your guest blog submissions. Who woulda thunk we had that much writing talent lurking? The HUGE decision is now in the hands of my Mom. Lol! Please allow her a day or so to review the entries and declare the winners!

Do you have something you want to get off your mind? Do you have a funny bone that is just dying to express itself? Can you tell one whopper of a story? Have you ever thought of starting a blog but are just a big chicken? Is something sitting in your craw? Here is a chance to dip your toes in the water, exercise your right of free expression, and win an expensive and fabulous prize!

Between now and Monday, October 20, I would like to invite all readers to submit an original blog post to Peoriarocks! for publication. The post can be any length, on any topic, and can be serious, tongue in cheek, or just plain hilarious. I have the right to reject any entry that contains obscene, or slanderous material. Bonus points will be given to submissions that are Peoria-specific, and/or contain your original photos. You can use your real name or a pseudonym. Of course, I'll need your real name but will assure your anonymity.

The judging will be done by........ my Mom. She is 74, of German descent, and is Independent in her political beliefs. She's voting for Obama. We try not to talk about that though. She loves children, crossword puzzles, and is a tough old duck if you cross her.

Here are the fabulous and expensive prizes!

First prize - $25. gift certificate to Borders
Second Prize - Set of 3 Waterford Christmas Ornaments
Third Prize - Waterford Crystal Christmas Ornament - "Noah's Ark"

So get out the old Laptop, crack a few Corona's, and start typing. I will publish the entries as they are submitted. Just send your entry to me at Hope to get lots of participation and have fun!


Cameron said...

Awesome, second. I'm not even going to think for a second that I'm the first loser ;) Thank you Diane for the opportunity and a big thank you to your mother as well. I won't speak for everybody else, but reading my dribble was probably punishment more than anything. So, as far as my prize goes, please either a) give it to your mother, for being forced to read my writing, or b) if she refuses (and she better not because it's a gift ;) ) then donate it to any charitable cause that you see fit. You see, I'm not in it for the money, the lavish gifts, and the scores of women (please ladies, I'm married, have a little decency), I'm in for the writing (or something like that). Thanks again, Diane for the opportunity to write on your blog, it was fun.

Anonymous said...

I actually won something? I went to the Waterford Factory in Waterford, Ireland on my honeymoon and that place was AWESOME. Email me back. Thanks.